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Brenda Ramirez Matias
BSc, PGDip

I am a fully-trained psychodynamic psychotherapist and I provide a non-judgmental setting where we can explore your life events and how these are affecting your emotions, feelings and relationships.

I have been working for many years now as a psychologist, teacher, counsellor and as a psychotherapist. My experience includes working as a psychotherapist for the NHS and other organisations such as the Samaritans. I gained my most recent qualifications as a psychodynamic psychotherapist at WPF Therapy and Tavistock Clinic.

By meeting weekly, you and I open the possibility of shedding some light on patterns or behaviours that might be disruptive to your daily life and relationships. Through exploring your thoughts and feelings, you can gain some important insights, allowing you the possibility to work through difficulties and perhaps break vicious cycles.

If you think that I could help with resolving any issues you may have, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation either in London or Buckinghamshire.

I am sensitive to cultural differences and we can work in Spanish or English.

Please feel free to contact me directly

Brenda Ramirez Matias
07856 184 225